Famous Gambling High Rollers: Tips On How to Become One

Top High Roller Gamblers

High rollers seem like a myth, but that’s far from the truth. Read on to find everything about the most notorious high rollers gamblers and their secrets.

Top High Roller Gamblers of All Time

Many famous gamblers have existed throughout history, but men such as Wild Bill Hickok come first to mind. 

Most of them have become well-known because of the skill they possessed or the luck that followed them. 

However, the concept of a high roller was born out of the exploits of several gamblers that received notoriety for wagering massive amounts at top online casinos.

Archie Karas

Archie Karas
Source: youtube.com

Gamblers typically brag about triumphs, and most of those claims should be viewed with suspicion, but nobody doubts Archie Karas. 

The holder of the longest consecutive winning streak had success in most casino games. For a man to make millions in Las Vegas is rare but not unheard of. 

However, Karas is a historical figure in the gambling industry because he arrived in Sin City with £50 in his pocket. 

The best estimates are that Karas made over £40 million through his gambling career. Although losses were expected along the way, Archie had many well-known ‘runs’.