Do's and Don'ts for UK Casino Bonuses: Tips from the Experts

Do’s and Don’ts with UK Casino Bonuses: Insider Guide

Have you ever signed up for a flashy casino bonus only to find out later you can’t cash it out? You’re not alone – studies show over 37% of players struggle to fully benefit from bonus offers because they don’t understand the fine print. But with some insider knowledge, you can level up your bonus game and stretch your gambling budget further. The casino experts at KingCasinoBonus are here to help!

UK Players’ Most Common Mistakes with Casino Bonuses

Thinking That Casino Bonuses Are Free Money

A common mistake you can make is to believe that the bonus is free money for you. No, it isn’t. You can’t withdraw because the casino gives you these bonuses to make deposits, play games and earn money.

Acting Like Casino Bonuses Are All Scams

We know that all casinos offer bonuses to new players, but not all are scams. You need to understand the games if you think it is a scam.

Not Asking The Right Questions

If you fail to ask the staff and dealers specific questions, you put your bonuses at risk. You may miss an announcement or a significant change on the table. Ask questions so you do not cheat yourself out of your win.

Betting More Than The Limit

If you don’t know your betting limit, you may place an amount higher than your limit. When you eventually find out, it can be frustrating. A casino may limit your account if they find out you ignore betting limits or simple game procedures.

Having Your Cell Phone Out

Most UK casinos prohibit cell phone use at the tables. There are many reasons for this. They would assume you want to spy on the dealer’s hole card. You shouldn’t have your cell phone in sight. Else, the dealer may ask you to leave the table.

Not Reading Specific Bonus Terms

Many gamers like you are usually too excited about the bonuses they need to remember to read the words. Well, that’s a mistake you should avoid.

Withdrawing Before Wagering

You can only withdraw your bonus if you meet the wagering requirements. Wagering requirements allow you to add your money to bonuses.

Always Read Your Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions

Always Read Your Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions contain wagering requirements, time limits, and other instructions you need to take before claiming your bonus.

You can agree to terms and conditions without reading; we all do that. However, you could lose your casino bonus when you do not read the T&Cs. Therefore, when next you visit a UK casino, read and understand the bonus terms and conditions.

Pay Attention to the Wagering Conditions

Wagering requirement How much you wager for a £10 bonus Verdict
5x £50 Low
10x £100 Low
20x £200 Low
30x £300 Mid
35x £350 Mid
40x £400 Mid
50x £500 High
60x £600 High
70x £700 High

Wagering On The Bonus and Deposit Combined

You get bonus offers at several UK casinos, including a cash bonus. You must wager a certain amount of real money to withdraw the bonus. You could either choose to wager your bonus alone or your bonus plus deposit. Whichever you go for, the calculations are simple.

Wagering On Your Bonus Alone

(Bonus) X (Wagering Requirement) = Total Bet

You multiply the bonus by the Wagering Requirement. For example, if you deposit £50 in a casino that offers a 100% bonus, your bonus amount is £50. If the wagering requirement is 50x, your bet is (£50) X (50) = £2,500.

Wagering On Bonus and Deposit

(Bonus) + (Deposit) X (Wagering Requirement) = Total bet

If you deposit £50 in a 100% deposit bonus, you get £50 as a bonus. Now calculate your total bet if the wagering requirement is 35x.

(£50) + (£50)X35 = £1,800.

Wagering with bonus and deposit gives you a huge £700 difference. Perhaps the calculations are still unclear, but wagering calculators are online to help you.

Maximum Bet Limit

UK casinos set the maximum bet rule to ensure they make enough profit for the company. Without rules, players could make much more than the casino can pay.

The maximum bet rule in bonuses differs for casinos. However, the principle remains the same. Only bet up to the maximum bet when playing with cash bonuses. If you do, you may lose your deposits and bonus.

If the max bet is £100, don’t play a £200 game. This limit changes as you wager the bonus. Imagine you win a £100 bonus, with a maximum bet limit of 10%. In the first round, your maximum bet is £10. Your bonus available for wager reduces to £90. In the next round, you get to place £9, leaving you with an £81 bonus.

Be Aware of Game Restrictions

Be Aware of Game Restrictions

Every casino bonus has restrictions. You can only use your first deposit bonus if you make a transaction. You can only succeed at bonus wagering if you know the minimum and maximum bet limits.

Free Bonus Limitations

With free bonuses, time limits require that you wager your bonus within a set time. Also, no matter how much you win, you refrain from withdrawing above the maximum withdrawal limits.

Free spins: If you have 10 free spins on a slot, you cannot play further than 10.

Free chips: You need to play the correct games to claim a bonus from free chips.

No deposit cash: While no deposit cash allows you to play a range of games, you must use the bonus up to a certain amount before withdrawal.

Blackjack or Roulette: Which Table Game Has Better Wagering Contributions?

Table games Average UK wagering contribution
Roulette 0% to 25%
Blackjack 0% to 25%
Baccarat 0% to 25%
Video poker 0% to 25%
Bingo 250% to 400%

Live Games Contributions

In live casinos, wagering contributions are infrequent. A dealer may reduce the wagering contribution, doubling the amount you need to wager.

Learn to Avoid Bonus Abuse Behaviour

If a casino platform notices any irregular pattern of the way you use a bonus, your promotion may be cancelled and/or your account may be banned.

What Are The Most Common Forms of Bonus Abuse?

  • Registering multiple new accounts
  • Claiming the same bonus multiple times
  • Playing games at too many casinos

How Choosing Reputable UK Casinos Save You the Trouble

Playing at a reliable casino increases your chances of winning. Our in-house researchers check for their game types, bonuses, and reviews from punters. While we bring you the best, remember to read the terms and conditions. We will conduct our research on several casinos in the UK and get you the best recommendations.