Unlicensed Online Casinos Double Their User Base In 2022

Unlicensed Casinos on the Rise

We evaluated the causes of the accelerated growth of the UK’s gambling market. Read on to find the most recent statistics on the UK’s illegal gambling activity.

Searches of unregulated casinos increase

Keyword Volume of monthly searches Average monthly searches over the last 12 months
non gamstop casino 5.1K 4.3K
casinos without gamstop 1.2K 1.0K
betting sites not on gamstop 2.0K 1.4K
bookies not on gamstop 700 500
non gamstop casino sites 700 450
online casinos without gamstop 500 350

Extracting the data from credible sources

Our experts subtracted data according to Ahrefs Keyword Explorer. This tool measures online searches and users’ preferences based on Google data. KingCasinoBonus experts use it to discover topics used by UK users regarding the illegal gambling activity of illicit web-based casinos. This data is correct as of November 16, 2022.

What does our data reflect?

The table presents the overall Google search results regarding non gamstop casinos. Gamstop is a program regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, the authority that supervises the online gambling market.

Gamstop is a free program that permits users to restrict their access to gambling platforms, and all UKGC-approved and licensed casinos must include this program on their websites.

As shown in the table above, the first column represents the actual Google searches users are interested in.

In the second column, KingCasinoBonus subtracted the number of monthly searches worldwide, and in the third column, we identified the average monthly searches in the past 12 months.

Over 1000 gamblers register on illegal casinos monthly

As KingCasinoBonus statistics reveal such a vast number of Google searches related to the black gambling market, these numbers can reflect that, in reality, over 1000 people create new accounts on unregulated web-based casinos monthly.

The past versus the future of unregulated online casinos

According to KingCasinoBonus data, the number of searches in 2022 doubled compared to 2019 when only 500 UK gamblers accessed illicit and unlicensed gambling platforms.

Thus, we can predict an upsloping trend in the following couple of years. In 2025, we can expect more than 2000 users to gamble through unregulated web-based casinos. These alarming numbers will result from the White Paper’s delay.

Are UK’s online punters an easy target for scammers?

The online gambling market is predicted to cross over £149 billion by 2030, and as KingCasinoBonus reports, the black market surrounding online casinos is gaining more traffic than ever.

Thus, the number of UK online gamblers involved in illegal gambling sparked an ongoing current of wrongdoings, compromised data or identity fraud.

Finding secure top online casino operators is not such a complicated task, as there are clear signs and steps you can follow before registering your account on an illicit gambling site.

Five signs an online casino is secure

1. The online casino has a valid licence

If you access a web-based casino and they offer you all the information you need regarding their licensing process, then you are in safe hands. A legit online casino will pride itself on being licensed by a respected authority such as The United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

You can verify this information by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. Online casinos usually include information about their licensing. Remember that each online casino operating in the UK must undergo a verification process evaluated by the UKGC.

2. The website includes SSL encryption

Another green flag you can spot quickly is whether the website you accessed is safe or not – always check for a padlock sign to verify if the web-based gambling platform can protect your data through SSL encryption.

Also, the online casino must be PCI compliant, ensuring that your financial information is safe and that the website you chose uses secure banking options, especially in relation to casino cash bonuses or free spins.

3. Search for casinos’ reviews

Most online users usually offer reviews on the casino websites they use. Whether or not they have a positive experience, you can at least check if there are any complaints from other users and experts.

This is another way of checking if the casino is licensed because someone might mention it.

4. The games you’re choosing to play are secure

The best gambling platforms in the UK provide services from top-notch providers.

Thus, the games you can find on their website come from relevant and reliable software providers such as:

Choose to play games from these providers so that you get to have a positive experience.

5. Read the terms and conditions before claiming bonuses

Before starting to play and claim the best deals, you can find, don’t forget to read the terms and conditions. Most reliable gambling websites always protect customers and offer fair terms and conditions.

Leading causes of the gambling industry’s growth

Even though online casinos in the UK must comply with a set of rules, including a Know Your Customer procedure and an Enhanced Due Diligence verification process, more gambling platforms are available than ever.

The convenience of online gambling platforms causes this trend because most online gamblers can quickly verify whether or not they are using reliable platforms.