What No Deposit Bonus Should You Go For?

What No Deposit Bonus Should You Go For?

Can’t decide which no deposit bonus to pick? Around 87% of players go for the biggest one. But is that a smart move? Take our experts’ tips to choose the right no deposit bonus and avoid missing out on some winnings.

First: Look For a Reputable Casino

The first thing we will touch on is probably one of the most important parts of playing casino games for real cash. The sheer abundance of existing casino sites is a number that’s always growing.

Amongst many, you will find some that look relatively plain, poorly designed or lack necessary customer support. Scam sites are a reality, and their sole purpose is to steal your money and sensitive information.

There are tell-tale signs that fit the profile of a scam site. Besides lacking games, poor punctuation and no official licensing, these sites offer ridiculous bonuses that are too good to be true.

If you come across a no-deposit bonus with considerable value with little to no wagering requirements, it’s highly likely to be a trap. It is essential to take your time when opting for an offer and find the best casino bonus for you regarding requirements and benefits.

Types of no deposit bonuses

Is the £5 No-Deposit Bonus a Smart Choice?

These no-deposit bonuses are plentiful and are usually a recurring promotion in many popular online casinos. Since they are basic, you are likely to have the option to play them on only one or two slots. This is also why these no-deposit bonuses appear when a specific software studio holds an event or releases a new game.

Subscribe to the mailing list of your preferred casino for updates, the latest events and free bonuses such as this one. These are great entry-level no-deposit bonuses and still hold the possibility of striking a big win. Another added benefit is the low wagering requirements attached to them.

What About £10 No-Deposit Bonuses?

£10 No-Deposit Bonuses are a staple for most high-ranking casinos. Presented mainly as a registration incentive, these promotions are used to attract new players to the casino. In addition, many of these no-deposit bonuses can be played on an extensive collection of games.

This selection allows users to pace themselves by switching out one title for another. Players can also take advantage of high RTP (Return To Player) rates and titles more tuned to their play style.

With these no-deposit bonuses, a modest wagering requirement must be fulfilled. It’s not an easy task, but also not impossible to complete. You can keep track of your progress by navigating to the active promos on your account.

Should You Go for the Biggest £20 No-Deposit Bonus?

Such offers give UK gamblers a generous amount of bonus funds to play with, leaving plenty of room to experiment. While this may seem the most optimal amount to start with, it’s also the hardest to achieve. This is because huge no-deposit bonuses are usually set at very high wagering requirements.

With these promotions, you still get many games to play from. Suppose you want to check which are the most preferred bonuses. In that case, you can check our experts’ KingCasinoBonus Consumer Report on casino bonuses to get an insight into what are usually the “go-to” options for most gamblers.

Making the Most Out of Your No Deposit Sessions

Moreover, as a casino member, you should also play fairly. Most online casinos take severe action against bonus abuse, and there are cases when players seem to open multiple accounts or manipulate the game to generate more funds.

Being a regular casino player has its highs and lows. On the bright side, online casinos have taken the initiative to give their dedicated players an edge by offering what is known as a loyalty program.

These work on a level-up basis and usually trigger after a specific time of regular playing or come into effect by achieving specific requirements.

One of these tasks could be to play and win a no-deposit bonus which is indeed a feat. With this in mind, you could get free spins as a level-up prize besides the real cash funds received from the no-deposit bonus.

Many premium casinos that exist online offer these multi-layered prizes. You can make the most out of all your play sessions by winning specific events and reaching new tiers.

Wrapping Up – The Final Call

By following the tips provided, you’ll better know what kind of no-deposit bonus to activate. There will always be pros and cons, no matter what you choose. So we suggest you try out all of them.

If you believe in beginner’s luck, maybe you should continue playing like one. You’ll maximise your chances of cashing out a no-deposit bonus without the risk of losing your cash.