Blackjack Split 101: A Punter's Intro to Blackjack Split Strategy

Blackjack Split Explained

Want to step up and dominate your next gambling sessions at the best British blackjack casinos? Try out the Blackjack split bet after discovering the basics of the method, what cards are most likely to increase your winning odds and pro player tips on how to successfully use the method.

How Does the Blackjack Split Work?

What is a Blackjack Split

When a game of Blackjack starts, the dealer will give you two cards. If the cards are identical, you can split them into two hands. For example, if you receive two Aces, they can be split into two hands. Each hand would have one ace in this case.

Once you split the receiving hands, the dealer will give you an additional card for each hand. Since the new hand is treated as separate, you will be required to place a bet on it. This wager has to be equal to the bet you placed on the initial hand.

Keep in mind that most Blackjack variants allow players to re-split the new hand to form a third hand.

What Cards Should or Shouldn’t Be Split

Now that you know what splitting means in Blackjack, it is time to help you understand when it is better to split and when it is advisable to keep the cards you have received in one hand.

What Cards Do You Split in Blackjack No Matter What?

  • Aces


Aces can be problematic as starting cards because they have to be counted as either 1 or a soft 11.

Splitting aces gives you a chance to score 21 on at least one hand. This obvious benefit has actually made several establishments ban the splitting of aces as this would give the player a major advantage.

It is important to remember that splitting aces makes it impossible for you to score natural blackjacks. If you get a 10, you will simply win the game and will not receive the natural blackjack bonus.

  • Eights


To understand why you should always split eights, you should first understand that you always have a very high chance of picking 10-valued cards. This is because 10s, Jacks, Queens, and Kings all count as 10.

Since you are most likely to pick a 10-valued card, your total is likely to go over 21. You will only be safe if you pick a card that has a worth of 5 or less, and this is highly unlikely.

If you pick two 8s, you will have a hand total of 16, and this is the most unlucky hand to hold in Blackjack. By splitting eights, you will have a good chance of making two hands worth 18 each, and these are likely to beat the dealer.

Many players wonder whether they should split their eights if the dealer has a nine or ten. While there are high chances of losing the game after splitting, the odds will still be higher if you decide not to do it.

Which Cards Should Never be Split in Blackjack?

  •  Fours


You should avoid splitting fours in Blackjack, especially if the dealer’s upcard is 2, 3, or from 7 to ace.

Instead of splitting you should hit as you might have a better chance of winning. It is especially important to avoid splitting fours if the rules of the game don’t allow you to double down after pair splitting.

Remember that this rule holds regardless of the number of decks being used in the game.

  •  Fives


One of the absolute rules in Blackjack is that you should never split fives. Most experienced players don’t even consider this option since it is always better to start the game with a 10-value hand than two fives.

If you split fives and draw 2, 3, or 4, you will still have a very weak hand and it is highly unlikely you will be able to beat the dealer.

You may also pick a six or higher, and this will almost always guarantee that you will bust in the next round. Therefore, risking a good hand would be a bad move.

  • Tens


Starting with two tens can be great as your chances of winning will be extremely high. Splitting these hands lowers your earning chances and will also cost you money as you have to double your bet.

It is worth noting that splitting tens can still give you a good chance of winning if the dealer’s upcard is either 5 or 6. Still, mathematically, this isn’t worth the risk and the loss of money.

What Are the Most Important Blackjack Split Rules

Important Blackjack Split Rules

  1. Traditionally, any ten-valued cards could be split, but some variants of the game only allow players to split hands that have the same rank.
  2. After splitting your first hand, you may not be allowed to re-split.
  3. After splitting your first hand, you may not be allowed to double down.
  4. If you split aces and pick a ten, the hand may not be considered a natural blackjack and will not qualify for a bonus.
  5. When you split aces, you will not be allowed to hit more than once.

Pros and Cons of Splitting Your Blackjack Bets

Pros and Cons of Splitting Hands in Blackjack


  • Splitting gives you more flexibility in your Blackjack strategy that you can apply when playing Live Dealer bonuses.
  • It allows you to handle unlucky hands better.
  • It allows you to win larger sums of money since you have two hands.


  • With two aces, splitting eliminates your chances of getting a natural blackjack.
  • You have to double your bet.

Advanced Tips and Tricks When Split Betting in Blackjack

  • Split sevens if the dealer’s upcard is seven or less.
  • Split sixes if the dealer’s upcard is six or less.
  • Never split fives, but double down if the dealer’s upcard is nine or less.
  • Only split threes if the dealer’s upcard is between four and seven.
  • Only split twos if the dealer’s upcard is between four and seven.
  • If the game allows you to double down after splitting, you can split twos and threes if the dealer’s upcard is two or three.

When to Split in Blackjack?

When playing in the best online casinos, you should always split if it is obvious this can maximise your winning chances.

You can run some calculations to determine your Blackjack odds, and always remember to consider the strength of the dealer’s upcard.

Can the Blackjack Split Betting Help Your Gameplay?

To Wrap It Up

Splitting in Blackjack is a powerful strategic move that you can apply to your gameplay, considering it could potentially contribute to your winning chances.

By applying the tips and tricks presented in our guide when playing with Blackjack casino promotions, you can make the most of the incentives received while enjoying your favourite game.

Make sure always to play responsibly. Gambling is supposed to be a leisure activity, not a means to make money.