Blackjack Split Explained

Amelia Thompson

Casino expert

Blackjack Split Explained

Blackjack is among the most popular Table Games out there. When learning the main rules of this game, it is essential to understand how splitting works.

The main aim of our team’s thoroughly researched guide is to lead you through understanding the basics of how to split in Blackjack.

We will also offer full access to a few tips and tricks that can help you ace your splitting strategy, so you can take your Blackjack adventure to the next level when accessing newly appeared casinos with interactive bonuses!

What is a Blackjack Split?

What is a Blackjack Split

When a game of Blackjack starts, the dealer will give you two cards. If the cards are identical, you can split them into two hands.

For example, if you receive two Aces, they can be split into two hands. Each hand would have one ace in this case.

Once you split the receiving hands, the dealer will give you an additional card for each hand. Since the new hand is treated as separate, you will be required to place a bet on it. This wager has to be equal to the bet you placed on the initial hand.

Keep in mind that most Blackjack variants allow players to re-split the new hand to form a third hand.