A Guide to Blackjack Surrender | Early and Late Surrender

Blackjack Surrender

Fold or Fight Back? That is the Dilemma of Blackjack Surrender.

Blackjack Surrender lets players forfeit half their bet to bow out of poor hands. This guide explores its types and optimal strategy – when to “stand tough” or “wave the white flag”. Learn insider tips on basic strategy deviations and maximising earnings using timely surrenders.

What does Surrender mean in Blackjack?

What does Surrender mean in Blackjack

If you are a pro and already know about it, you will agree that this option can help players limit their losses while playing blackjack.

The main aim of this bet is the same as any other such game – obtaining a higher score than your dealer without exceeding 21.

With this system for blackjack surrender, you can save 50% of your bet on losing poor hands. Our guide takes you through everything you have to know about this blackjack variant, including rules and types.

Why you should be aware of this move

It is a move that allows you to save 50% or half of your wager by folding your poor hand. It is an option you take based on your hole cards and the dealer’s up cards.

While this feature is primarily available in this game, you may also find it on several
blackjack titles with eligible bonuses in the United Kingdom.

Due to this variant’s option, it features a more minor house edge than standard blackjack variations. The game appeals to strategic UK gamblers looking to maximise their bets while playing blackjack.

How to Play Blackjack Surrender

How to Play Blackjack Surrender

As stated earlier, the game shares the same objective and rules as a traditional blackjack game. So, whether you know how to play blackjack or not, you will find it easy to wager real money on this variation, too.

However, apart from knowing when to stand, hit, split or double down, you must also learn how and when to opt for this feature. You can either “get out” early or late in this game. We consider it necessary for you to go deeper into the Blackjack odds, and we’ve prepared a complete guide to save you some time.

Many UK online casinos offer this variant in either the live or the computer mode. Our team made sure to encompass every blackjack casino with the best live variations, so we encourage you to see all the listings available to see what will suit you best.

Blackjack Surrender Options

Blackjack Surrender Options

Early Surrender

This option lets you fold your hand and forfeit half of your initial bet before the dealer checks for a winner. It is the most favourable option during this game, reducing its house edge by 0.62%.

Furthermore, it also means giving up your hand right after being dealt and seeing the dealer holds an Ace or a ten.

Circumstances to consider the early surrendering option

  • When you hold a hard 5 to 7, and  your dealer holds an ace against them;
  • If the one who’s dealing holds one ace and you have a hard 12 to 17;
  • If your croupier has one ace against your pair of 3s, 6s, 7s, or 8s;
  • When your dealer has a ten, and you hold a hard 14 to 16;
  • When the croupier has a ten against your pair of 7s or 8s (8s only in a single-deck variant).

Late Surrender

The following option allows you to fold your hand at half the sum of your main bet after the croupier turns in their cards or checks for who won.

With the option, you can keep half of your initial bet if the dealer doesn’t win the round. However, if he does, you will lose your bet, which is what will happen anyway unless you play the late “giving-up” move. Many other strategies, such as Blackjack Insurance, are meant to help players.

Blackjack Late Surrender Rules

You must adopt some strategy rules to maximise your late surrendering option. You should only use this option when faced with these scenarios:

  • Apply this method when you hold 17 against the dealer’s Ace. Disregard this rule if your dealer stands on soft 17;
  • Get out with a total of 16 against a dealer’s Ace or 10-value card;
  • Use this method when you have 15 when the one dealing shows an Ace. Disregard this if the variant allows the croupier to hit on soft 17;
  • Don’t make this move when you hold a total of 16 and the dealer gets 9;
  • Avoid this option on a hand total of 15 or 17 against the croupier’s soft 17.

When to surrender in Blackjack?

When to surrender in Blackjack

No doubt, surrender seems tempting when looking at subpar hands. But statistically, only a few specific scenarios make forfeiting half your wager strategically correct rather than playing out the hand. Our team has logged the situational variables through countless hours at the tables where essential strategy experts leverage the early and late surrender options to minimize expected losses.

Knowing when to fold, double down, split, or hit/stand/ takes experience merging math with intuition.

Always play responsibly!