Learn Your Rights! Can Casinos Cancel Your Bonus?

Can a Casino Legally Cancel My Bonus?

1 out of 3 players don’t know their rights when it comes to casino bonus cancellation. Learn when is it legal for casinos to cancel bonuses, and how you can avoid bonus cancellation!

When is it legal for a casino to cancel your bonus

  1. The T&C state some bonus playing patterns can lead to bonus abuse 
  2. The player has breached the Bonus Terms attached to a promotion

All UKGC-licenced casinos must comply with these rules. And since all the online casinos operating in the UK must have a UKGC authorisation to function legally, users and operators must abide by these rules.

The T&C state some bonus playing patterns can lead to bonus abuse

When the operator’s T&Cs specifically state that specific play patterns using bonuses may lead to imposing promotional play restrictions.

While the casino is the one to decide whether a specific pattern suggests irregular play or not, it shouldn’t be the only one that has a word in this matter. If your opinion differs and the operator does not collaborate, you can contact the UKGC. 

The player has breached the Bonus Terms attached to a promotion

When the operator has made a decision that will cause a consumer to lose earnings or to be denied a withdrawal from their account due to breaching the promotional play restrictions, they need to inform the player about it.

The casino needs to ensure that the terms related to sanctions on account fraud, exploitation of loopholes, manipulation of software, and other types of abuse are contained in separate Terms from those related to promotional restrictions.

What can I do to avoid cancellation?

You are always advised to read the Terms and Conditions and Promotional Rules for every gaming platform you decide to join. 

Make sure to gather information on everything you are allowed or not allowed to do on the website.

You cannot register without confirming that you accept the T&Cs, which means that if an online casino has unclear terms, once you become a customer, you still have to abide by those terms. 

Legally, operators can cancel your bonus funds due to any terms specified within their policies. This can only be fixed in court. 

Behaviours That May Lead to Bonus Cancellation

Behaviours that may lead to bonus cancellation

Be aware! The following scenarios may count as bonus abuse in UK online casinos:

  • Creating more than one account on the same gambling platform
  • Showing signs of irregular play
  • Showing suspicious behaviour
  • Using technical errors to your advantage
  • Using inappropriate or rude language towards other players or the casino’s team

Creating More Than One Account On the Same Gambling Platform

It’s prohibited to open more than one account at the same casino, as it is regarded as promotional abuse. If you create several accounts, all bonuses on all accounts will be null, and the accounts will be terminated

Showing Signs of Irregular Play 

Every casino clearly states what irregular play means for them, but it is usually the same on most platforms. 

For instance, it includes placing wagers on both sides in Baccarat and low-risk bets in other table games.

Showing Suspicious Behaviour 

It, again, depends on the rules of each platform, and you need to check the T&Cs to see what they deem as doubtful. 

However, this often refers to logging via different devices or IP addresses or cashing out funds you have deposited but not used.

Using Technical Errors to Your Advantage 

Even online casinos can display technical errors. Using these to earn additional funds while gambling can lead to bonus cancellation.

Using Inappropriate or Rude Language Towards Other Players or the Casino’s Team 

If you have the opportunity to communicate with other players while at a Live Casino table or with the casino’s team, and you make derogatory statements or discriminatory jokes, your bonuses can be removed.

Furthermore, depending on the situation’s severity or the casino’s tolerance level, your account might be suspended or even deleted.

Using VPNs 

Most online casinos can detect the use of Virtual Private Network software. Once they notice this, your bonuses become void. In most cases, you can end up blocked out of your account;

The Promotion Has Ended 

Each bonus has its availability time frame. If you do not meet the wagering requirements within the specified time, the bonus is cancelled, and all winnings resulting from it are null.

Most Difficult Bonus Abuse Behaviours to Detect

Some UK players create accounts on every website offering welcome bonuses they can find in an attempt to gather as many bonus funds as possible. 

If they lose the extra funds during gameplay, they leave the website and search for another one to provide similar offers. 

This is regarded as bonus abuse: while it isn’t easy to notice someone doing this, you stand a fair chance if they repeat this behaviour on platforms belonging to the same group. 

This behaviour doesn’t exclusively involve welcome bonuses. Numerous bonus-seekers go from casino to casino trying to find no wagering bonuses or Starburst free spins.

Another type of bonus abuse that’s difficult to notice is collusion. Regardless of the collusion strategy, this behaviour usually involves more people working together to scam one or more operators for free no deposit bonuses on sign-up.

While casinos may take a while to notice the participants, collusion is one of the riskiest gameplay techniques, as it often involves legal consequences. 

Does this happen often?

This situation is rare and only occurs when a real issue arises.

Regardless of why any casino may have to resort to bonus cancellation, remember that it is not in their interest to do so. 

Promotions are effective ways operators can attract and retain customers, so top online casinos quickly give them away. 

They usually come with substantial wagering conditions, which ultimately means the online casino won’t lose much but rather win over a customer. 

Players also appreciate bonuses since they provide additional funds to extend their gambling sessions.

These are some of the most common reasons your bonus can be cancelled, but they can differ from platform to platform.

Stay Safe! Tips and Tricks to Avoid Bonus Cancellation

Avoiding bonus cancellation tips and tricks

If you don’t want to encounter any promotion-related issues, KingCasinoBonus experts advise all users to read every casino’s T&Cs (including the bonus T&Cs). Reports show that over 33% bonus cancellation issues could be solved by reading the terms and conditions thoroughly. 

These will tell you precisely what’s prohibited and what will happen if you still choose to participate in those forbidden activities or display prohibited behaviours.

Practical tips you to consider to keep you safe from bonus cancellation

  • Always be polite to the other players and the casino’s support team
  • Complete your deposit requirements before cashing out
  • Avoid switching between games frequently while gambling, as it indicates irregular play
  • Gamble from your PC/laptop and mobile device only
  • Connecting from more devices and IP addresses will make you seem like you’re sharing your account with others, which is not allowed
  • Report any errors you encounter, and, as tempting as they may be, do not use them to your advantage
  • The casino’s team will notice that in your play patterns, and it is not worth having your account closed
  • Use the bonuses you claim within expiration dates
  • Stacking or wagering them only halfway can be regarded as irregular play or bonus abuse

KingCasinoBonus’ Final Advice on Bonus Cancellation

Having your bonus funds cancelled by the gambling operator is something rare. This measure is only applied when the gambler generates a significant issue. 

You can ease your bonuses without any worries as long as you follow the rules, and by following our simple guide, you will encounter no problems with the promotions or your account.