The Opera House Casino London Review

Opera House Review

Did you know that 33% of players struggle to pick the perfect casino for their needs and preferences? Make the right choice by seeing this Scarborough casino through the eyes of experts.

Our Opera House Casino review transports you inside its grand, pillar-lined venue to experience the old-world glamour first-hand. Beyond the extravagant decor, we’ll reveal where it truly excels for gaming and amenities versus where it falls short.

Let us help match you to a London casino that ticks all your boxes. With this review’s insider perspective, you can confidently approach Opera House play. The stage awaits!

Opera House Casino London – Our Ratings

Overall Rating 3.9/5
Slot Machines 5/5
Games 4/5
Staff & Service 3/5
Loyalty & Rewards 4/5
Atmosphere 4/5
House Rules 3/5
Player’s Feedback 3.8/5
Operator 5/5

Rating and review process for Opera House casino

We rated the casino based on a five-star rating system, awarding it points for the following factors: games, staffing, hospitality services, rewards and loyalty scheme, house rules, and so much more. When rating the venue, we considered the needs of players and what benefits they should expect from a well-established traditional casino.

How we inspected the Opera House Casino

  • Date of visit: 12/09/2023
  • Time of visit: 15h – 18h
  • Initial bankroll: £100
  • What we played: Roulette
  • Final bankroll: £0
  • Next visit: 06/07/2024

What we looked at 

It’s our mission to give players a detailed review so they know the services London casinos offer and what to expect when visiting. The main elements we consider are the game selection, the amenities and the atmosphere, and the customer service and loyalty program.

We considered the abovementioned factors and used a five-star rating system. So players can get insights about the casino and make informed choices.

What we found

Address 56-64 St Thomas St, Scarborough YO11 1DU, UK
Open hours 24/7
Membership Not required
Minimum age 21
ID checks Yes for non-members
Game types Slots, poker, baccarat, and roulette
Tables 11
Slot machines 20
Gaming terminals 20
Payment Cash, Card, Chips
Average betting range 10p
Free drinks (Canada) No
Restaurant Yes
Hotel No
Poker tournaments (UK) Texas Hold’em Poker Tournaments

What’s New at Opera House Casino Since Our Last Visit

On our latest visit to Opera House Casino, we noticed the following changes compared to our previous 11/29/2022 review:

  • More slot variety – They now offer 30 slot machines, increased from 20 previously. Popular new titles include Monopoly Megaways and Buffalo Gold.
  • Table game upgrades – Table surfaces were upgraded to high-end felt on the 11 existing tables. Chips have also been replaced.
  • New poker options – In addition to Texas Hold’em tournaments, they now spread Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo cash games by request.
  • VIP program introduced – There is now an invitation-only VIP program for loyal players featuring exclusive perks and bonuses.
  • Minimum bets raised – Minimum bets are now £5 across all tables during peak hours, increased from £1 minimums.
  • Free soft drinks – Complimentary soft drinks are now offered in the gaming lounge area.

Slot Machines – 5/5

The casino has over 20 slot machines, which you can play different games; all games in the machines are provided by Big Time Gaming (BTG), Blueprint and Microgaming. There is a vast selection of Las Vegas-style themed slot machines; minimum bets and maximum payouts will vary based on the devices you game with, and you can hit jackpots of up to £10,000.

Slots we played at Opera House Casino

Slot machine Payout rate Minimum bet Maximum bet
Mega Moolah 90% 10p £10,000
Immortal Romance 96.86% 10p £10,000
9 Pots Of Gold 96.24% 10p £10,000

How many slot machines does the Opera House Casino have?

The venue has more than 20 slot machines, a standard number of slot machines most land-based casinos own.

Do the slot machines accept coins?

No, you cannot use coins in playing games on slot machines, you need to enter cash or your ticket into the engine, press start, and when it spins, you can land a winning combination.

Slot machine providers 

  • Big Time Gaming (BTG)
  • Blueprint
  • Microgaming

Local progressive jackpots

You can win a local progressive jackpot of up to £10,000 by playing games from BTG, Microgaming and others.

Casino Games – 4/5

You can enjoy live table gaming daily from 7 PM. You will find the following games: Blackjack, American Roulette, Cajun Stud Poker and 3 Card Poker with progressive jackpots on Blackjack and Three Card Poker.

The live gaming tables are open daily from 7 PM. At the same time, £10,000 Jackpot Machines and electronic Roulette Terminals are available from 10 AM. The staff usually hosts weekly Texas Hold ’em Poker Tournaments, and you can request to play Mahjong and Cash Poker.

If you win, you can cash out tickets, including all roulette and slot machines; all you need to do is turn on the Cash Out option.

Game types 

  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Craps
  • Baccarat/Sic bo

Betting limits 

Game Minimum bet Maximum bet
Roulette £0.1 £1400
Blackjack £0.1 £1400
Poker £0.1 £1400

Can anyone bet the highest limits, or do you need special VIP access? 

No, you don’t need VIP access to place high-limited bets, but you might need to be a member. Some casinos offer special gaming services for VIP members, but some don’t; anyone who’s a member can get exclusive benefits like staking high-limit bets. At this venue, you can place high-limit bets if you’re a member.

Opera House Casino poker tournaments 

The venue regularly hosts poker tournaments. For the benefit of those who don’t know, Texas Hold ’em poker is the main game played in UK Card Rooms and possibly the most widespread version of poker in the world.

Poker tournaments are held every Monday night, while cash games are held on Thursday nights throughout the year. You can always register for games from 6.30 – 7.25 PM; if you register before 7:25 PM, you get 1k early bonus chips. You can also register for the competition, and it starts at 7.30 PM. Late registration is from 7.30 PM to 8.30 PM.

Staff & Service – 3/5

We rated the staff and hospitality service, which includes rooms available for accommodation, food and drinks; its quality, and other entertainment events, all aggregated to a five-star rating.

Food & Drinks

The kitchen is closed, and they don’t offer dining services to customers. Although the bar is open Sunday – Thursday from 10 AM, the last orders you can make are at 3.30 AM; on Friday – Saturday, the bar is available from 10 AM to 5.30 AM.

If you are looking for a casino that provides food options, these are some of the ones we have already reviewed and rated: Maxims Club Casino, Metropolitan Casino and Crockfords Casino.

Opera House Casino has two fabulous bars. One is the Stage Bar, which is large and vibrant. While at the bar, you’re directly overlooking the gaming floor, which offers a great atmosphere and has a wide range of beers, lagers, ciders, wines, spirits and champagnes. The other bar, the “Stalls Bar”, is smaller but offers an intimate environment.

Prices of drinks at the bar can be between £4-£14. Special offers include:

  • COCKTAILS £7.50 EACH OR 2 FOR £14.00

How much do you tip at Opera House?

Tipping should be based on your description. Still, as a general rule, you should list 1-10 per cent of the amount you spent buying tickets and chips. And if you win, you could top 1-10 per cent of your winnings. The same applies to drinking at bars.

Does the casino offer free drinks?

Yes, the venue offers its members free drinks over time as reward.

Is there a buffet at the Opera House Casino

No, Opera House doesn’t offer dining services, mainly buffet, because the kitchen is closed. In the future, it might reopen its kitchen.


The venue offered limited customer parking off North Street. Also, a large “Pay & Display” car park is free after 6 pm.


Opera House Casino doesn’t offer hotel services to its customers, which some visitors might not like. But if you need to rent a room, there are always hotels nearby, and you can pick one based on your budget and preference. You only need a quick Google search online for hotels nearby.

Do you tip room service?

Since the casino doesn’t offer hospitality services, you don’t need to tip. Still, if you visit a hotel nearby, you can list the room service for anything between 1%-10% of the total amount you spend in the hotel. Still, tipping should be based on your intuition.

Are there smoking areas?

Yes, there are areas where players can have a quick smoke. Still, it isn’t possible to smoke in gaming areas. Nonetheless, the casinos allow players to smoke in a specified area.


Security is crucial at any land-based casino to prevent theft and other illegal activity. The venue provides the following services, among others:

  • Surveillance systems are used, where top-notch cameras are placed strategically all over the building.
  • Security staff: To guarantee that the area is secure, the casino employs trained security staff, including police and security guards.
  • Access Control: The security staff makes use of access control for ID checks, age verification, and occasionally metal detectors for increased security.

Loyalty & Rewards – 4/5

The Opera House has a reward and loyalty program for its members; they get rewarded over time.

How does the Opera House reward program work?

It would help if you were a member to gain entry into the casino. On your first visit, it’s essential and mandatory you visit the reception for you to complete the membership application process. So, to complete your registration, always bring a valid photo I.D.

What you get 

  • Wack Wednesdays: on wack Wednesdays, from 11 AM to 3 PM Friday, Saturday and Sundays throughout June, you can play electronic slot cash matches available for all casino members.
  • June Stack Match: Stack Match is a live Roulette promotion on Tuesdays of alternate months: February, April, June, August, October and December. From 7 PM until 10 PM.
  • Bounce Back: To qualify for a bounce back, members must earn at least 50 points using their membership card at any table or machine during June. Throughout June, the casino issues you promotional vouchers; throughout July, they will be limited to qualifying members. You receive the receipt of your voucher from reception, you claim the reward at the Bank.

How to claim rewards

To claim tips, you need to sign up to become a member online; after that, when you visit the casino, you complete your membership registration at the reception; all you need do is submit your valid ID to complete the registration.

Casino atmosphere – 4/5

The casino has a pleasant environment. Its design is excellent; it is futuristic and modern, and the surroundings are lovely. The design represents a gaming arena that is also appropriate for holding live events and performances.

Design experience

The design, which includes walls, decors, furniture, gaming tables and ceilings, is all luxurious, but more so, contemporary/modern luxury design.

Are you allowed to take pictures?

Yes, you can take pictures: personal photos of yourself and the entire building, but you aren’t allowed to take photographs when gaming and in other restricted areas.

Location and surroundings

The setting and surroundings are tranquil, fun, and secure. It’s a typical quality casino where players may wager while also unwinding.

Do you need a passport to attend the Opera House Casino?

Yes, you need a visa to visit the casino or other means of identification because you need to be a member to gain entry. Without you providing the staff with an ID, you cannot complete your membership registration; thus, you cannot gain access into the location.


You can watch live sports games such as the Champions League, English Premiership and F.A.FA Cup. On Mondays, you can partake in power tournaments, and on Thursdays, participate in dealer-dealt cash games. Also, the casino hosts charity events.

House rules (T&Cs)- 3/5

Opera House Casino’s rules aren’t stringent. It allows all players to follow basic rules like a typical casino. You can take photos, get free drinks, get a membership and make high bets, So we rate the casino house rules well enough.

When is the Opera House casino open?

The casino is available to all members and guests every day of the week from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Does Opera House Casino charge entry?

No, the casino doesn’t charge any fee to gain entry. Still, if it’s your first time visiting the casino, you must register to become a member.

Do you always need a reservation to play?

No, you do not need to book a reservation to play at the casino, although it sometimes hosts special events for members. In this case, you might need to book a reservation.

Aside from that, if you want to game, have a drink and relax, sign up to become a member and visit the venue whenever you want to.

Opera House casino membership details

The article states you must complete a membership form online, even from home. When you reach the casino, you complete the membership application process there – you need to submit a valid I.D.

Dress code

The dress code is intelligent casual; you should wear a shirt and a jean or other casual clothes. However, you shouldn’t wear a cap, oversized coats and handbags.

Standout rules at Opera House Casino

The casino has a unique regulation that sets it apart from other gambling establishments in that players are permitted membership free of charge on their initial visit. Users of the free and simple membership application can benefit from unique perks.

Please make sure you contact a member of the casino management staff if you have any issues with the services and goods offered by the casino or any disagreements relating to gaming. The management of the casino will then address your concerns in detail and thoroughly, and he or she will always be delighted to resolve any problem you may have.

A management team member is always open to hearing from you if you are dissatisfied with the settlement of your complaints or disputes.

Players feedback – 3.8/5

Players’ feedback and ratings online give people an insight into the quality of services a casino offers. So we took our time to review players’ reviews and ratings on Google Reviews and Trip Advisor.

Opera House Casino player reviews

Google – 4.3/5

The venue has a favourable Rating on Google reviews; players have complimented the staff, asserting it’s an excellent atmosphere to gamble in.

Tripadvisor – 4.0/5

On Tripadvisor, the company is referred to as a premier entertainment venue where players enjoy themselves while gaming. It has a review of 4.0/5 on Tripadvisor, which is favourable. Patrons and gamers have praised the staff for being professional, and more so, the services offered are superb.

Most common issues 

Many guests have complained about the poor food service and drinks being too expensive. It’s no surprise the casino shut down its dining service. Also, a few complaints about the casino needing to be more staffed. Aside from those complaints, the venue has a good gambling service and a great bar to feel relaxed.

Operator – 5/5

Opera House is an established and well-known casino in the U.K., licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission UK. As per laws by the UK government, any casino operating in the UK should be licensed and approved by the UKGC to ensure players have a fair chance at winning and enjoying a rewarding gambling experience.

Who Owns the Opera House Casino?

Nicholas Shaw is the owner and operator of the venue, which was started by the Shaw family. The establishment launched in October 2005 and is the first privately financed casino to operate in the UK since the gambling regulations were changed in that year.

Other casinos by the same operator

The only casino operated by Nikolas Shaw is the Opera House.

Contact info 

Email address [email protected]
Telephone number +44 1723 357940

Who are the top competitors of Opera House Casino?

We think that based on Opera House Casino’s 5/5 rating for slots, we can also compare it with some top online casinos in the UK:

  • All Slots Casino
  • SlotoCash

Opera House Casino vs All Slots Casino 

Although Opera House and All Slots Casino are direct competitors, the latter is an entirely online casino, which differs from Opera House, a land-based casino. In comparison, the Opera House is a place to be if you prefer not to gamble with an electronic device in your home or anywhere.

All Slots Casino 

It’s a preferred choice to gamble if you want to bet online rather than visiting a land-based casino. Why so? It is an eCogra-certified casino with high payout percentages (reported at over 96% for all games combined),

Opera House Casino vs Slotocash

Like All Slot Casino, SlotoCash is an online casino but a direct competitor to Opera House. It’s best to gamble in the Opera House if you want to feel entertained and still bet simultaneously; it has a nice bar for relaxing and an entertainment centre for you to enjoy live events.

Slotocash is an alternative. 

Slotocash is an alternative if you want to gamble online and not visit a land-based casino. Some players prefer to gamble at home online or anywhere as long as they have a stable internet connection, which is cost-effective and still levity. Funasino has low bonus wagering requirements, a wide variety of game selections and a top-notch Live Casino.

What sets Opera House Casino apart from its competitors?

  • Access to lively events
  • A friendly atmosphere for you to gamble in with excellent staffing

If you want to check out other similar London Casinos, read our reviews for:

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
A conducive environment for gamblers to feel relaxed and immersed in the gambling space, which is a way to gamble effectively and feel comfortable. Doesn’t offer quality hospitality service, which some players might need help finding interesting, considering it’s a land-based casino.
It has a rewards scheme that gives players access to free games every week and, even more so, access to live events in which players can feel entertained in a comforting environment.

Is Opera House Casino your best place to play?

Overall, you want a regular gaming experience without all the extra services like dining and exclusive events. In that case, it’s a grand casino to be in. It has all the facilities needed for a gamer to be at their best when playing; these involve access to many games, offers and rewards, and a cohesive facilitate with all the infrastructure needed for quality gaming time.