Crockfords Casino London Review 2024

Crockfords Casino London Review

Have you ever wondered what a player’s journey looks like at Crockfords Casino London? Wonder no more, as our expert players tested the venue, recorded and rated all the facilities available so you can find out if Crockfords London is the right location for you to join.

Discover the games, responsiveness of the staff, quality of the food and drinks and many more in our review!

Crockfords Casino London Ratings

Overall rating 3.7/5
Slot machines 0/5
Casino games 4/5
Staff & Service 3.5/5
Loyalty & Rewards 4/5
Casino atmosphere 3/5
House rules 3.5/5
Players feedback 4.1/5
Operator 5/5

Table of Contents

Our Rating and Analysis Process for Crockfords Casino London

Our seasoned casino reviewers use a reliable grading method that is both objective and transparent, in addition to their personal experience evaluation.

The principal objective of this review of the Crockfords Casino London is to educate readers on the nuances involved in going to the institution, getting inside, and gambling there. We will make every attempt to depict the whole event as our reviewers experienced it genuinely, and we will evaluate the objective components using comprehensive criteria to make our judgments.

We will do market research using our considerable experience working with traditional and online casinos. The knowledge we get from these platforms can change our view of the high quality of the gaming goods offered at the location.

How we inspected Crockfords Casino London

  • Date of visit: 11/23/2023
  • Time of visit: 14h – 16h
  • Initial bankroll: £200
  • What we played: Roulette
  • Final bankroll: £0
  • Next visit: 05/23/2024

What we looked at

To properly curate the complete experience of travelling to the Park Lane Gambling Club, we examined both casino-specific features and more general aspects of analysis. This was done to make sure that we covered everything.

All categories of games have been investigated and analysed according to the procedures unique to each product. Other site-related services, such as food, design, or housing, have also been catalogued and compared with those offered by the industry.

You will also discover a comparison that provides a more comprehensive overview of how this opulent casino facility compares to other London Casinos in its industry.

What we found

Address 30 Curzon Street, W1J 7TN, London
Open hours 6 PM – 6 AM
Membership Required
Minimum age 18
ID checks If under 21
Game types Blackjack, Casino Poker, American Roulette, Baccarat (Punto Banco)
Tables 13
Slot machines 0
Gaming terminals 0
Payment Cash, Card, Chips
Estimated betting range £1 – £75,000
Restaurant Yes
Hotel No
Poker tournaments (UK) Very rarely

How Our Experts Reviewed Crockfords Casino London

The information you read in our Crockfords Casino London review is an extension of our aim of providing essential, verifiable, and objective data on the state and worth of land-based casinos.

All tests performed by our expert analysts follow a review system developed according to the full extent of a casino venue’s functioning and provision of services. Our provided content can thus fully assess a land-based casino, as reflected in our ratings, and instruct readers in their decision-making process.

Slot Games – 0/5

As a result of the fact that there are no slot machine terminals available for play at Crockfords Casino London, this establishment has been given our lowest possible rating.

This is frustrating since slot machines are commonplace in London’s gambling industry. Lost machines are often gambling items that are easily accessible to the general public and cost the least amount of money.

This London club caters to a more wealthy, high-rolling clientele who have the means to buy membership and are likely to seek it out. As a result, the club does not have to worry about recruiting customers with modest spending limits.

Despite this, there are absolutely no slot machine terminals anywhere inside the confines of the club, which is not a justification in any way.

If you are passionate about slot machines, it is in your best interest to play at online slot sites rather than joining a club that requires a membership fee of one thousand pounds.

Avaialble Casino Tables- 4/5

Crockfords Casino London fares a lot better when it comes to table games. You can play almost all types of activities, with the exception of craps.

Some other games, such as Roulette, have only one rule variation, with the more advantageous European version being absent. However, we have grown accustomed to such a situation, with most casinos in London only having the American version.

Game types

  • Roulette: 4 tables (American)
  • Blackjack: 2 tables
  • Poker: 2 tables (Caribbean Stud, Multiplayer & Three card)
  • Craps: none
  • Baccarat/Sic bo: 4 baccarat tables (Punto Banco)
  • Sports betting: not available

Betting limits

Game Minimum bet Maximum bet
Roulette £50 £5,000
Blackjack £50 £5,000
Poker £100 £1,500
Baccarat Punto Banco £1 £10,000 / £75,000

Can you get higher betting limits for table games in VIP rooms?

The Crockfords Casino London Club’s venue has a series of private rooms where you can access more exclusive tables with various limits.

However, there is no clear data on these different betting bounds, and you should always enquire with the management.

Similarly, if, after becoming a member, you attain VIP status, you can agree to play with higher limits.

Linked live dealer gambling online

Another plus on the side of this casino floor and exclusive club is that it facilitates online live dealer casino gambling, with instant in-casino deposits and fast withdrawals via a dedicated cash desk for each member.

The club can provide these services via the operator’s online domain, Genting Casino, which we also covered and rated highly.

The casino club management further promises the same exceptional service online. Thus, you can take the club experience with you while on the go.

The service is also available on the top mobile gambling platform.

A history of high stake wins and losses

Crockfords Casino London is noted for being the venue where some of the most significant losses on the side of patrons were recorded. Australian media tycoon Kerry Francis Bullmore Packer lost £11 million in September 1999.

The previous record loss he overtook? It was Greek millionaire Frank Saracakis’s £8 million loss, which occurred in the same London casino venue.

However, Crockfords Casino London also took the biggest loss when Phil Ivey banked a whopping £7.7 million on Baccarat Punto Banco. However, when discovered to be edge sorting, the player was refused payment.

Although Ivey sued the club’s management, he lost the case twice, including his appeal to the UK Supreme Court, which ruled in the club’s favour. If you want to get started with casino tournaments, our experts compiled a comprehensive guide to help you out.

No matter your opinion on the subject, if the casino’s management discovers that you are using an illegitimate strategy, you will be refused payment. This is a general rule for all gambling floors.

Staff & Service – 3.5/5

Most catering lives up to the fame of this exclusive private gambling pub for ‘the discerning player.’ Most luxury requirements are served here.

Food & Drinks

You can find a menu composed of a slew of dishes from worldwide cuisine, served at the highest degree of quality.

World cuisine dishes

  • Middle Eastern cuisine
  • Indian cuisine
  • Chinese Dim Sum
  • Modern European cuisine

Prices will vary depending on the course you pick and the general nature of your order. For instance, most of the main course options, including fish or seafood dishes, fall between the £9 and £30 price marks, with only a few, such as the famed Dover sole grilled or meunière or grilled USDA rib eye steak options, which jump to £37 and £38 respectively.

Most prices are low for such a venue. Take Chinese or Indian Hors D’oeuvres, which include options priced as low as £6.

You essentially get a fabulous gourmet meal at a great price, which is proof of the exclusive treatment specific to this venue.


The available drinks are similarly varied and verified for quality. You can serve various beverages, from standard refreshments to more intricate cocktails, all at an affordable price. The price of your drinks will more or less match that of your main course.

How much could you expect to tip at Crockfords Casino London?

Drinks and the main course, plus some starters and desserts, will probably fall under £100 in total. Going by the 10 to 20% rule for tipping, you can probably expect to pay between £10 and £20 in tips.

However, considering the service and gourmet courses you are being served, tipping will come easily.


Valet parking is available for all visiting members who decide to arrive by personal car. Payment is not required. Nonetheless, you will need to tip the helping valet.

Arriving by tube is also an option, with Hyde Park Corner and Green Park being the two closest stations.


The gambling and dining club does not concern itself with overnight accommodation. However, given its central location, you can find multiple hotels catering to your needs.

Nearby luxury hotels and distance to the gambling club

Luxury hotel Stars Distance from club Estimated walk time
The Chesterfield Mayfair 4 stars 0.1 mile 3 minutes
The Mayfair Townhouse 5 stars 0.2 miles 3 minutes
The Athenaeum Hotel & Residences 5 stars 0.2 miles 5 minutes
Karma Sanctum Soho London 4 stars 0.7 miles 15 minutes
The Dilly 5 stars 0.7 miles 13 miles
The Cavendish London 4 stars 0.6 miles 12 minutes
The Washington Mayfair Hotel 4 stars 0.1 mile 3 minutes
The Z Hotel Piccadilly 4 stars 0.9 mile 19 minutes
London Hilton on Park Lane 5 stars 0.1   mile 3 minutes
The Mayfair, A Radisson Collection Hotel, Mayfair London 5 stars 0.4 miles 7 minutes

With this selection of 4- and 5-star hotels, you should arrive at the Crockfords Casino London club by foot within 20 minutes, without walking more than one mile.

Are there smoking areas?

The Crockfords Casino Club’s venue allows for access to an outdoor smoking balcony. Additionally, the London Room and the Penthouse Suite, both of which are private premises, have their own balconies and rooftop areas where smoking is permitted.


The building and premises of the Crockfords Casino London Club are fitted with cutting-edge security and surveillance systems.

The security staff is also famed for being both professional and effective, managing to keep the necessary distance to offer members their comfort and intimacy while still keeping them and their belongings safe.

Loyalty Benefits & Rewards – 4/5

Crockfords Casino London makes all attempts to underline the fact that, by becoming a club member, you are not only part of London’s elite, a VIP high-roller, but also eligible to be rewarded for your loyalty.

How does the Crockfords Casino London reward program work?

This exclusive members-only casino club, beyond offering its membership benefits, is also part of the My Genting Rewards multi-venue loyalty program. This same scheme will also function in any other Genting Casinos-owned venues, such as the Palm Beach Casino London, a venue which we similarly visited and covered.

What you get via the My Genting Card

  • Points from completing challenges in the My Genting App
  • Complimentary tea, coffee, or other draught soft beverages
  • Exclusive and recurring promotions and offers

How the point system works and what you get

As you visit the casino floor or the venue in general, and you wager and purchase products or services, you will start accumulating points.

Every single point is valued at 1 penny, with every 100 points making up £1. You can spend said converted points on food and drinks, as well as bets for table games, to be purchased at the kiosk.

How to earn points

  • Download that My Genting App
  • Complete app challenges
  • Go about your visit to the Corkfords as you would

The rate of accumulating points will heavily depend on the loyalty scheme you currently are in.

There are five levels that any member can be on, each with limitations on point accumulation. Every joining customer is automatically set to the Red Scheme.

All loyalty Schemes

  • Red Scheme – you will not accrue points from table games, e-tables, or slots
  • Bronze Scheme – you will not accrue points from table games
  • Silver Scheme
  • Gold Scheme
  • Diamond Scheme

Casino Venue Ambience – 3/5

Crockfords Casino London lives up to its name and pedigree as the oldest casino in London. The atmosphere and design keep true to its history.

Now a casino floor, the venue is located close to the London gentlemen’s club called Crockford’s, which also serves as inspiration for its style and design direction.

The now-defunct club was established in 1823, closed down only 22 years later, and then reappeared in 1928, only to be permanently closed in 1970.

Its initial centring on gambling, as well as its early and maintained raffish and raucous reputation, only further motivated the current casino’s inspiration, if not heavily borrowing from the historical gentlemen’s society.

View from the inside

The design within the bounds of the casino clearly aims at a revival of the Crockfords of yesteryear while still managing to build up on the aesthetic and create, if not recreate, a novel image for itself.

It is challenging to exude the air of luxury while also falling into self-parody, gauche pretentiousness, and decadent excess. Still, Crockfords Casino London manages to tote the golden mean between restraint and extravagance that stands at the root of all that signals class.

The interior is only so much more jarring and impressive when contrasted with the unassuming exterior facade of pure white stone, built in a classic London style.

Are you allowed to take photos in Crockfords Casino London?

The general rule also stated in the venue’s and operator’s terms and conditions is that you should not use any photographing device within casino bounds.

The dining area may differ in policy, but this also depends on whether you may intrude upon some other casino goer’s or staff member’s privacy. Considering that taking photos can be grounds for being expelled, we advise you to abstain from doing so.

But then again, once you are inside, would you really want to taint your experience by taking photos?

Location and surroundings

You will find the Crockfords Casino London Club around Mayfair, a location renowned for its multiple attractions, as well as numerous lavish casino locations.

The building is 20 minutes away from Buckingham Palace, a drive away from Soho, and one tube station away from Westminster and the banks of the River Thames.


The casino floor also doubles as a venue for multiple attractive and lavish events that rise above the usual DJ set and clubbing night, activities genuinely suited for the cream of the crop.

As it is a members-only club, you can expect that management has no interest in advertising these events to the broader public. Instead, through their mystery, these add to the mystique of the entire edifice that is Crockfords Casino London.

House’s Code of Conduct – 3.5/5

When is Crockfords Casino London open?

Signed members can access the premises on a daily basis, from 6 PM to 6 AM. This is a considerably shorter timeframe than most other luxury exclusive venues, let alone casinos in London.

Does Crockfords Casino London charge entry?

Members and their guests are admitted free of charge. However, other customers are not permitted admission unless they are provisional members or eating customers.

Do you always need a reservation to play at Crockfords Casino London?

All locations are openly accessible to members, although it is encouraged that they call ahead to confirm the availability of specific amenities.

This is especially the casino for premium private rooms, such as the London Room, or the Penthouse Suite.

How to join Crockfords Casino London

You should either inquire at the lobby of the location or contact the casino club management via the published details.

The standard annual fee for membership is £1,000.

Then, you will complete a request to become a member, where you must add personal information as well as possible details related to the payment method you will use.

Contact details for Crockfords Casino London

Email address [email protected]
Phone number 020 7493 7771

Dress code

The casino, restaurant, and bar all have a dress code that dictates customers must wear business casual attire. This is to be expected given the exclusive setting of the establishment.

Shorts that have been tailored to fit well and have a stylish appearance are acceptable apparel. Sandals, styles that might be seen as offensive, and clothing that is hugely revealing are not permitted.

The management reserves the right to exercise discretion in upholding these dress standards, and they may refuse entry to a person or ask them to leave if they do not meet the required standard and are deemed to be inappropriately attired. In addition, the management retains the right to exercise discretion in determining whether or not a person is appropriately dressed.

In addition, the management retains the authority to determine, in its sole and absolute discretion, what constitutes an acceptable level of dress in any given situation.

Standout rules at Crockfords Casino London

  • You are not allowed to use your phone at gambling tables.
  • It is against the rules to approach or speak to any celebrity or public person who may be present at the club for any reason, even to request an autograph.
  • No photography is allowed. If you do, you risk losing your membership and being kicked out of the building are possible responses.
  • In addition, the management retains the authority to determine, in its sole and absolute discretion, what constitutes an acceptable level of dress in any given situation.

Players’ Opinions- 4.1/5

We have rarely seen such a polarised range of opinions on a gambling club.

Nonetheless, following a read of available player reviews, we can ensure our readers that most customers have left satisfied.

Crockfords Casino London player reviews

Google – 3.6/5

The somewhat poor rating of 3.6 stars out of 5 is based on 84 Google reviews and may hint that the venue cannot stand up to its name entirely.

However, we can only take negative reviews with a grain of salt since many come from evidently embittered ex-members that perhaps maintain to have won and gone unpaid or to have outright lost, which, as we know, is a premise, if not a prerequisite of gambling in general.

The more credible and substantial reviews generally portray the casino and dining club as a high-class, easily recommendable destination for London’s elite.

Tripadvisor – 4.5/5

In an unexpected turn of events, the location scored considerably better on TripAdvisor, with 4.5 stars out of 5.

Most reviewers declare themselves mesmerised by the floor, with minor complaints regarding the efficiency of some staff members and the urgency of waiters when the venue is more populated.

On a more touching note, we could read the review of a customer who, after being a regulate in the 70s, revisited and relived “those thrilling bygone days.” We can perhaps take this comment to be proof of the club’s long-lasting and still-standing aura and charm.

Most common issues

  • Slower serving when more populated.
  • Not enough information on membership requirements.

Operator Information – 5/5

The casino floor and dining club are owned and run by a trusted and well-accredited gaming and entertainment events company.

Who owns Crockfords Casino London?

Genting Casinos LTD is a renowned company in the UK that started its activities in 2006. It is part of the broader group of properties of the Malaysian Genting Berhad corporation, which has been active since 1965.

The UK-based subsidiary has come to operate 35 casino floors throughout the nation, with five being only in London.

Other casinos by the same operator

  • Forty-five Kensington
  • Genting Casino Chinatown
  • The Colony Club
  • The Palm Beach Casino London

Contact information for the operator

Email address via Contact Form
Telephone number

Who Are the Top Competitors of Crockfords Casino London?

We have skimmed down the competition for this selective and exclusive luxury gambling club to only two other casinos in London.

Crockfords Casino London vs Crown London Aspinalls

These two casinos are more similar than different, both having a selective and posh approach to business, matching members-only bars, venues and restaurants.

Crown London Aspinalls is best for a great dining experience

In many ways, just like Crockford Club, the Crown London Aspinalls is a members-only club with more to give in the catering rather than gambling area.

Although a lot more expensive, the Crown may also provide a quote-on-quote, more exclusive dining experience.

We recommend that you read the full Crown London Aspinalls review and decide if this is the venue for you.

Crockfords Casino London vs Palm Beach Casino London

Genting Casinos LTD’s own Palm Beach Casino London may be one of the leading contenders for the Crockfords club.

The two venues do have different target audiences, but, in many ways, they deliver qualitatively similar services. Similar in most ways, but one.

Palm Beach Casino London is better with gambling activities (especially slots)

Indeed, they are similar in many ways, and they share the same operator, but Palm Beach Casino London provides more varied gambling activities, both as far as betting ranges and rule variations go. Plus, the venue has slot machines.

What sets Crockfords Casino London apart from its competitors?

The sheer history, with which this exquisite destination is filled to the brim, makes it a shining city on a hill that any seasoned gambling aficionado from London and beyond will want to visit at least once in their lifetime.

Pros and Cons of Crockfords Casino London


  • The tremendous historical pedigree that sets it apart from other venues
  • Fantastic restaurant and bar selection at affordable prices
  • Gambling options suited for high rollers
  • Multiple private rooms available for members
  • Impeccable design direction
  • Run by the respectable Genting Casinos UK LTD


  • It is a members-only club
  • You will find no slots in the venue
  • Access conditions are stricter
  • Potential customers are poorly informed regarding upcoming events and current facilities

Is Crockfords Casino London Your Best Place to Play?

Crockfords, just like in times of old, is not meant for a wide audience. It is, however, the best for the gamblers of London who want to play among the elites of this scene. This attitude is evident in most if not all, elements of this club. If this quality proves attractive to you, Crockfords awaits.