Crown London Aspinalls Casino | Expert Review

Crown London Aspinalls Review

Step into the world of Crown London Aspinalls: a premier casino situated in the heart on London. Before you pay the venue a visit, read our review on the gaming options, service and amenities, as well as membership fees, and you can decide if the casino is worth your time.

Crown London Aspinalls Casino Ratings

Overall Ratings 3.9/5
Slot machines 1/5
Casino games 4.5/5
Staff & Service 4/5
Loyalty & Rewards 4/5
Casino atmosphere 5/5
House rules 4/5
Players feedback 4.3/5
Operator 5/5

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Visiting the Crown London Aspinalls

Let’s kick off this review by sharing details on how you can get to the venue, enter, and enjoy some gambling. Our insights are based on our real visits to the casino, repeated roughly every 6 months to give you an honest and detailed account of the entire experience. We’ll evaluate the different aspects using various criteria to provide you with an accurate picture.

Based on our extensive experience with land-based gambling and UK online casinos, we will then make a market comparison. The knowledge we have gleaned from these platforms can change your opinion on the quality of each London casino and its gaming products.

What We Discovered at Crown London Aspinalls

  • Date of visit: 01/25/2024
  • Time of visit: 16h – 18h
  • Initial bankroll: £200
  • What we played: Blackjack, Roulette
  • Final bankroll: £0
  • Next visit: 07/19/2024

What we looked at

In our assessment of Crown London Aspinalls, we primarily focused on gaming options, attention to detail and overall game quality. While we emphasise the casino’s features, we also check out other services contributing to your overall experience, like dining, hotels, parking services or loyalty rewards.

As you explore details about the games and the venue, you’ll find that each aspect has been objectively rated using a method grounded in years of experience. We take great care to ensure that our final recommendations are well-informed, drawing on our firsthand knowledge of the establishment.

Our Findings on the Crown London Aspinalls

Address 27-28 Curzon Street, W1J 7TJ
Open hours 12 PM – 6 AM
Membership Yes
Minimum age 18
ID checks Yes, for non-members (in the restaurant)
Game types Baccarat, Roulette, Three card poker, and Blackjack
Gambling tables 16
Slot machines 0
Gaming terminals 0
Payment Cash, Card, Chips
Table games betting range £5 – £75,000
Restaurant Yes
Hotel No
Poker tournaments Available

How We Review Crown London Aspinalls

The information you read in our Crown London Aspinalls review is accurate as of our latest visit.

All tests performed by our expert analysts follow a review system developed according to the full extent of a casino venue’s functioning and provision of services. Our provided content can thus fully assess a land-based casino, as reflected in our ratings, and instruct readers in their decision-making process.

Slot Machines Rating – 1/5

There simply are no slot machine terminals to be played at Crown London Aspinalls, thus earning the lowest possible rating from us.

This is aggravating since slot machines are popular in London’s gambling scene, and often they are the most accessible and the cheapest gambling products available for the general public.

Naturally, attracting low-spending patrons is no concern for this London club since it is suited for the more affluent high-rolling crowd that can afford and will seek the paid membership.

Nevertheless, this is no justification for the total lack of slot machine terminals within the bounds of the club.

We conclude you would be better off accessing online slot sites rather than paying £1,000 for a membership, if you are a slot machine enthusiast.

Alternatively, pick from London Casinos with 10+ slot terminals and multiple games available on each:

Verdict on Casino Games – 4.5/5

When discussing the table games present in the exclusive members club, the situation is the exact opposite.

With the singular exception of the lack of craps tables, Crown London Aspinalls has all the required gambling tables, along with rule variations, and an appropriate amount of betting limit variations.

Game Types

You will find the usual American roulette, standard Blackjack (ensure that you pick tables with 3 to 2 payout rules), baccarat, and three card poker options. There is a total of 16 tables which may seem like a lot.

However, seven are located in three private events rooms. Thus, it would be best if you considered that you would not be able to access all 16 at any time.

You can also participate in poker tournaments that proceed separately from the usual three card poker you can play regularly.

Betting Limits on the Games

Game Minimum bet Maximum bet
Roulette £5 £1,000
Blackjack £50 £5,000
Three card poker £50 £2,000
Baccarat £100 £75,000

Can all members access higher bet limits, or do you need a special invitation?

Private events always come with different conditions based on a mutual understanding between the renter and the casino directors.

Thus, you can expect considerably higher sums for private events but only insofar as you or the organiser has actually established these deals with the casino.

Crown London Aspinalls Poker Tournaments

There are poker tournaments organised regularly within the bounds of this members-only club.

Usually, clubgoers and members are notified in time regarding all ongoing or future tournaments.

Staff & Service Review – 4/5

All that pertains to catering, customer service, and satisfaction is at the highest standard. Everything related to the service is appropriate for an exclusive club that requires a membership, yet there’s no accomodation for patrons visiting from outside of London.

Our Take on the Food & Drinks Offering

For wining and dining, the casino club gives the option of accessing the services of 27 Restaurat & Bar.

The venue is open to the broader public, as it accepts members and non-members alike, given that they are over the age of 18.

More so, food enthusiasts can register for a dining membership either online or at the locale’s reception.

Private Dining

The Curzon Private Dining Room is open for private functions and events, from personal gatherings to business lunches and anything in between.

Note that you should ideally restrict your group of guests to twelve at most.

You can make a reservation via email or landline.

Contact details for the 27 Restaurant & Bar

How much do you tip at Crown London Aspinalls?

It would be best if you ideally tipped in concordance with the unspoken rule of 10% to 20% of your total price of consumption.

Parking Facilities

The Crown Club Aspinalls provides both valet and self-parking options for members that visit the locale by car.

Needless to say that parking is included in the membership benefits.


The club itself does not provide any accommodation for its members. However, the locale is surrounded by multiple luxury five star hotels.

You can stay at The Crown London Hotel. Since the venue appertains to the same group of businesses as the Crown London Aspinalls, you may receive accommodation benefits and lower prices.

Get to the club in under 20 minutes from these hotels

  • London Hilton on Park Lane (5 stars) – 2 minutes away
  • The Dilly (5 stars) – 14 minutes away
  • The Mayfair, A Raddison Collection Hotel (5 stars) – 8 minutes away
  • Hotel Cafe Royal (5 stars) – 16 minutes away
  • The Mayfair Townhouse (5 stars) – 4 minutes away
  • W London (5 stars) – 19 minutes away
  • The Connaught Hotel (5 stars) – 8 minutes away
  • The Washington Mayfair Hotel (4 stars) – 3 minutes away
  • The Z Hotel Piccadilly (4 stars) – 19 minutes away
  • 44 Curzon Street by Mansley (4 stars) – 2 minutes away

Are there smoking areas?

The Club London Aspinalls provides smoking areas and a heated terrace where you can retreat to have a drag.

Security Measures at the Crown London Aspinalls

The gambling club has implemented extensive security checks and systems due to its high-profile members-only nature.

Additionally, the staff ensures that, as a patron, you and your belongings are safe and secured.

Loyalty & Rewards – 4/5

Casino club members are eligible for various advantages, including specially negotiated rates at some of the most exclusive hotels in Mayfair.

In addition to this, there are also unique agreements and discounts available with several well-known London retailers and locations.

How Does the Crown London Aspinalls’s Rewards Program Work?

You do not require any rewards card or additional program to sign in as a member. Your membership doubles as a loyalty rewards program.

What you get

  • Access to all facilities with one membership
  • Option to reserve access to private salons
  • VIP status depends on your activity as a member

How to Register for the Program

Registering is equivalent to signing up for a membership. Note that you will require the club membership, not the restaurant one for the full benefits.

You must complete an application form (which you can find online on the casino club’s website), provide personal information, a valid photo of your ID and details for a personal business card.

Your application is subject to the approval of a Membership Committee.

Review of the Casino Atmosphere – 5/5

The Crown London Aspinalls casino club balances perfectly a small and cosy style with an overall luxurious and posh atmosphere.

John Aspinall, a famous breeder of wild animals, started Aspinalls Club in the ’60s. His zoos were funded in large part by his wins from the house. In its early stages, it mainly catered to wealthy Londoners. It had a reputation for providing an exceptional gaming experience and was often used as a venue for exclusive gatherings. In 1992, the location was relocated to Mayfair after extensive remodelling. After the renovation, it gained even more tremendous popularity among London’s upper class.

In our view, only huge gambling venues like the Hippodrome or VIP-centred venues like Les Ambassadeurs can compete with the Crown London Aspinalls.

View from the Inside

The Crown maintains its posh fin-de-siecle style with slow dashes of the modern (see the chain-like chandelier) that only accentuates this exquisite venue.

What is excellent about this premium locale is that it does not resemble your usual casino club. It instead aims for a more neutral and selective look, with casino elements showing a more restrained design.

Design experience

The Crown London Aspinalls club may be the best casino and dining locale there is. The overall neoclassical design, harmonised with art deco, minimalist modernism, and the occasional contemporary elements, turn this venue into a certified must-see location.

Members can feel privileged to be able to enter and spend time in this locale, and the design expresses it exceptionally well and not at all excessively.

Are you allowed to take photos in Crown London Aspinalls?

During our visit, taking pictures was allowed in certain conditions, but please be mindful of your surroundings when doing so. Make sure you don’t disturb others.

Since the venue is members-only, the policy can vary. Gambling venues generally bar players from taking pictures, yet this exclusive club may is a more intimate venue.

All the Gambling Rooms at Crown London Aspinalls

  • The Club Room – the primary gaming area
  • The Sapphire Room – private gambling salon
  • The Jade Room – private gambling salon
  • The Gallery – private gambling salon
  • The Silk Room – private gambling salon
  • The Terrace – exterior lounge, restaurant, and gambling salon

Location and Surroundings

The Crown London Aspinalls, like many other such venues, is located in the hotspot for the exclusive casino and gambling clubs of London, around Mayfair.

The venue is within walking distance of Buckingham Palace and a short drive away from Soho and the Piccadilly Circus.

Visiting the Crown London club guarantees that you will see some impressive areas and attractions of London.

Events Held at the Crown London Aspinalls

The casino club excels in the matter of live entertainment events organised for participating members.

The casino club’s management makes an active effort to organise events that you will not find in any other similar location.

A selection of current events

  • Jazz and Seafood Night
  • Lunar New Year
  • Bollywood Night

House Rules (T&Cs) – 4/5

Our experts consider the club rules at the Crown London Aspinalls within the standard for their  type of venue it represents.

The only outliers in its terms and conditions concern the regulations around gambling access to various types of members, the validity of the dining membership, and access to members’ guests.

When is Crown London Aspinalls open?

You can access the venue between 12 PM and 6 AM on a daily basis. This schedule sits at an average of standards for London venues.

There are some less exclusive venues that are open 24 hours a day, but we have encountered casinos in London that is only open between 2 PM and 6 AM.

Essentially, this casino club has a decent opening schedule. Unless you want to spend a full 24-hours in the casino, the schedule will not bother you, although it could do better.

Does Crown London Aspinalls charge entry?

Members and their guests are not charged for entry, while other customers cannot enter at all, except for provisional members or dining customers.

Do you always need a reservation to play at Crown London Aspinalls?

Members can freely access all venues, but inquiring about the availability of various facilities is recommended.

If you are not a member and wish to access the restaurant, you must book a reservation for a table. This is especially important if you want to access the private dining room.

Crown London Aspinalls Membership Details

  • Start by filling out a form that you can find in the hallway or online.
  • You will give sensitive information that will be used to identify and confirm you.
  • The club will also want to see a picture of a legal ID.
  • You must also provide card information. You should own the payment method and plan to use it to pay for things in the place.
  • A Membership Committee will decide whether or not you can join.

You can still enter the casino club as a provisional member as you wait for confirmation. However, limitations apply.

Any membership, from the gambling one to the dining membership, is valid for 12 calendar months.

The casino club membership is subject to a £1,000 annual payment.

Details on the Dress Code

Both the Crown London Aspinalls and the 27 Restaurant & Bar require guests to dress in a business casual manner.

It might come as a surprise, but shorts that have been well fitted and look smart are appropriate clothing.

Sandals, fashions that might be considered insulting, and apparel that is excessively exposing are not allowed.

The management retains the right to exercise discretion in upholding these dress standards, and they may refuse entry to a person or ask them to leave if they do not meet the required standard and are deemed to be inappropriately attired.

In addition, the management reserves the right to exercise discretion in determining what constitutes an appropriate standard of dress.

What Rules at Crown London Aspinalls Stood Out?

  • All memberships are valid for 12 calendar months.
  • Your application to become a member depends on the decision of a membership committee.
  • The casino club’s management can refuse entry to the guests of a member, limit the number of guests, and ask any guest to leave the premises.
  • The dining membership is only valid for the London venue.

Players Feedback – 4.2/5

Judging by visitors’ reviews, the casino club is some of the most beautiful and attractive spots in London, especially for high class gambling enthusiasts.

Crown London Aspinalls Google Reviews 4.2/5

The current Google rating is based on 90 user reviews, with most rating the location as either very good or excellent.

Negative reviews generally come from ex-members whose membership was cancelled due to various reasons or non-members that only interacted with the outside staff.

While these are still a cause for concern, we cannot reasonably consider them to well reflect on the overall quality.

Most Common Issues

  • Allegedly unmotivated membership cancellations
  • Some reports of poor behaviour on the side of some staff members

Our Take on the Operator – 5/5

The casino club in London is owned by Crown Resorts Limited, a juggernaut of the global gaming business and venue administration.

Who Owns Crown London Aspinalls

Crown Resorts Limited is the largest gambling and entertainment company in Australia, running multiple casino locales.

Currently, the company was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange until being purchased by Blackstone Inc., an American alternative investment management company, in June of 2022. Nowadays, it is traded as ASX: CWN.

Other casinos & catering businesses run by Crown Resorts Limited

  • Crown Melbourne
  • Crown Perth
  • Crown Sydney
  • Nobu

Operator Contact Information

Email address Via Contact form
Telephone number

Club Contact Info

Email address [email protected]
Telephone number +44 (0) 20 7499 4599
Fax +44 (0) 20 7499 4942

Who are the Top Competitors of Crown London Aspinalls?

There are two main competitors for this exclusive gambling and dining club in the middle of London.

Crown London Aspinalls vs Park Lane Club London

Park Lane Club London is another membership-based casino venue located at the base of the London Hilton at Park Lane tower. This venue has the advantage of its association with the Hilton hotel, as well as its more gambling-oriented approach. For instance, you can actually fund slots there.

Nevertheless, you still have to pay a £1,000 annual fee.

Park Lane Club London is best for visitors staying at the Hilton at Park Lane hotel

If you are going to stay at Hilton, both the restaurant and casino venues are worth your time.

Read our Park Lane Club London review for more information.

Crown London Aspinalls vs Palm Beach Casino Lonon

Palm Beach Casino London is another gambling location with a historical pedigree. The locale is organised in the Mayfair Hotel’s location. Just like the Crown club, the Palm Beach Casino London is also famed for its catering and events while still offering more gambling options.

Palm Beach Casino London is notable for its restaurant experience

Most visitors agree: wining and dining at the Palm Beach Casino London is a one-of-a-kind experience that you can hardly find anywhere else in London.

Read our full Palm Beach Casino London review for more details.

What sets Crown London Aspinalls apart from its competitors?

The Crown Club is a historically exclusive locale with events and an overall dining and gambling experience imbued with luxury and class.

It sets itself apart from the more party oriented destinations by providing a classy and old-timey experience.

Pros and Cons of the Crown London Aspinalls


  • It is a historic landmark with an excellent design direction
  • The 27 Restaurant & Bar is an exquisite dining location
  • You can reserve private dining and gambling rooms with different betting limits
  • Members can invite multiple guests
  • Table games have varied betting limits and rules


  • You must pay £1000 annually for a membership
  • A Committee must accept your application to be a member
  • Dining membership owners cannot use gambling facilities, nor can they access other Crown establishments
  • There are no slots in the venue

Is Crown London Aspinalls Your Best Place to Play?

After our visit, we found that The Crown Club caters to an elite clientele, as it offers an experience tailored to the more refined tastes. Its impressive ambiance and exquisite design alone make it a must-visit destination.

For those considering membership, we suggest experiencing it first as a guest of an existing member, to gain some insight into how the system works. Then, you can decide if the substantial membership fee aligns with your expectations and preferences.