Create Your Own Roulette Winning Formula

Roulette Winning Formula

To discover a Roulette winning formula that works best, you must wrap your head around the existing game versions and bets. Explore our guide to find out everything you need to know to develop a suitable Roulette prediction formula!

Understanding Different Roulette Games

Understanding Different Roulette Games

Before playing and finding a suitable Roulette winning formula, you must understand all the available game versions. While the principle remains the same, the rules might be slightly different. So, pay attention to each versions’ conditions before placing bets! These are the most common Roulette variants:

American Roulette

American Roulette

When it comes to American Roulette, the betting principle is the same as in other versions. Yet, the distinctive feature of this variation is that the order of the numbers differs. The wheel features a 0 and a 00 pocket, along with pockets from 1 to 36, which lie between the two zero pockets.

European Roulette


While the goal of European Roulette is the same as that of the American variant, the odds are slightly better for the player. The house edge is usually lower in European Roulette, and there are also fewer pockets. A European wheel has 37 pockets and only one 0 pocket.

French Roulette

A French Roulette wheel has a similar layout as a European wheel. The main differences are in the overall odds. In French Roulette, the ‘La Partage’ rule allows a player to get half of their stake back if the ball lands on 0 and you placed an outside bet. You can also opt to make the same bet again in case you go for the ‘En Prison’ option. Should you win the second wager, you’ll get your entire stake back.

Multi-Wheel Roulette

Instead of betting on just one wheel, the Multi-Wheel Roulette lets you bet on eight different wheels simultaneously. Yet, you have to place a similar bet on all eight of them. In this case, your winning odds increase.

Progressive Roulette

Progressive Roulette was born in the Internet era. It has the same style of wheel and rules as European or American Roulette but allows players to place an additional bet on a progressive jackpot. This cumulative prize offers far higher returns compared to regular Roulette winnings.

Mini Roulette

Mini Roulette has the gameplay and rules of a traditional European or American game, but it features a smaller wheel with only 13 numbers. This means that the odds of winning at Roulette are higher. Also, in case your bet does not include zero and the ball stops on that number, you will only lose half of your wager.

Different Types of Roulette Bets

Different Types of Roulette Bets

With so many variants of Roulette, punters have also developed a wide variety of bet types to improve the gameplay and the odds. Learning what to bet on and how to do it can help you craft a suitable Roulette prediction formula.

Straight bet

The Straight bet, also known as the Straight Up, is the most straightforward Roulette bet. It boasts the highest possible winnings but the lowest odds of winning – 35/1. In a Straight Up, a player bets on a single number on the wheel.

Street bet

The Street bet is standard across all Roulette versions. You bet on a number within a row of three numbers. Let’s say you choose 32, 33 and 34. If you land on any of these numbers, your odds of winning are 11/1.

Odd or even

Instead of betting on a single number or colour, you choose whether the ball will land on an odd or even number. As there are only two options available, you have a 50% chance of winning the bet.

High or low

A Roulette wheel has 18 low and 18 high numbers. Hence, you either bet on low numbers between 1 and 18 or on numbers between 18 and 36. Missing the grouping you chose or landing on 0, you lose the entire stake. This bet has 1/1 odds.

Split bet

A Split bet enables you to bet on the line splitting two numbers. You win if the ball lands on either of the numbers beside that line. A Split bet has 17/1 odds.

Corner bet

A Corner bet is pretty similar to a Split wager. You place a wager on four numbers in adjacent boxes in the corner of the table. Should the ball land on either of these numbers, you win 8/1.

Dozen bet

A Dozen is a group bet with three possible bets. You can bet the first Dozen for numbers 1-12, the second for numbers 13-24 and the third for numbers 25-36. If you land anywhere within the group, you win 2/1.

Colour bet

A Colour bet is an even-money bet where you place a wager on red or black. However, since each wheel features a 0 or 00 pocket, the odds are below 50/50.

Roulette Winning Formula at Online Casinos

Roulette Winning Formula at Online Casinos

If you’re wondering how to win online Roulette, take the following tips into consideration! These tactics will help you create a Roulette prediction formula that works for you. Although most of them work best on online gambling platforms, you can also use them in land-based casinos.

Place multiple bets simultaneously

Depending on the bet type, if you place more than two bets at once, you may increase your winning chances.

Of course, you cannot place two Colour bets or three Dozen bets simultaneously because you would be betting on all the numbers on the wheel. But if you place four Straight Up bets at a time, you will increase your chances of winning by four.

Make several Corner bets

Playing with a Corner bet gives you a 10.8% chance of winning in a single game of Roulette. And if you place multiple Corner bets, you cover a more considerable portion of the wheel, increasing your odds.

By placing three or four Corner bets at one time, you will get a dozen chances to win—and each Corner bet also has a higher payoff percentage.

Test the Roulette wheel

Besides regular Roulette games, you will also encounter plenty of live sessions online. To find out what you prefer, we recommend testing multiple game versions.

You may also access live casino promotions to test real dealer games without spending your bankroll. In this way, you’ll discover the variant that works best for you and perhaps an appropriate Roulette winning formula.

Increase or decrease your bets after winning

To create your own Roulette prediction formula, you may test out some popular Roulette strategies. For example, with the Martingale system, you double your bet after each loss. As for the Reverse Martingale strategy, it states that you must increase your wager after every win. Of course, the latter approach only works if you’re on a winning streak.

Another strategy is to decrease your wager after each win, allowing you to leave the table with more funds than you would have in case you had doubled down on your bets. Still, there are plenty of betting styles you can try out when playing Roulette.

Bet within your budged

You can easily drift away if you find the best Roulette winning formula. That is why you should establish a gambling budget and closely monitor it during your session. There are also several budgeting apps you can use to help you keep track of your spending.

Most online casinos will also offer responsible gambling tools and information to prevent players from going overboard. We highly recommend using the available prevention methods while gambling online. Last but not least, never bet more than you can afford!