Top UK Driver Test Centres With the Best Passing Odds

Top UK Driving Test Centres With Great Passing Odds

With thousands of Brits set to take their practical driving test this year, we investigated the odds of passing your driving test are in the UK, as well as the test centres which have the highest and lowest pass rates.

What are the odds of passing your driving test in the UK?

Based on the latest data, which highlights the number of Brits who have passed their driving test between the period April 2022 and September 2022, Brits have a 48.7% chance of passing their practical driving test.

Unfortunately, this means that the majority of Brits will fail their test at least once.

We extracted the information and ranked these centres on the same metrics we rate casino bonuses.

Passing the driver’s test ratings in time

The total pass rate in the UK has increased year on year, since the period 2007/8, with the exception of 2018/19 which saw a small decline.

The pass rate subsequently reached its peak at 49.8% in 2020/21.

Why did the passing rate change?

This peak in the pass rate, over the past 15 years, can be explained by smaller numbers of Brits taking their practical driving tests during the pandemic, at just 217,437 drivers testing within this period.

This is significantly less than the average number of drivers taking their test between 2007/8 and 2021/22, which was 772,034 drivers.

Are men or women more likely to pass their driving test?

Year Male pass rate Female pass rate Total pass rate
2007/8 47.3% 41.3% 44.2%
2008/9 48.6% 42.1% 45.3%
2009/10 49.1% 42.8% 45.9%
2010/11 49.6% 43.3% 46.3%
2011/12 50.3% 43.9% 46.9%
2012/13 50.6% 44.0% 47.1%
2013/14 50.7% 43.8% 47.1%
2014/15 50.5% 43.6% 46.9%
2015/16 50.6% 43.8% 47.0%
2016/17 50.6% 43.9% 47.1%
2017/18 50.0% 43.0% 46.3%
2018/19 49.6% 42.4% 45.8%
2019/20 49.6% 42.6% 45.9%
2020/21 52.5% 47.1% 49.8%
2021/22 51.0% 46.7% 48.9%
2022/23 ytd 50.6% 46.6% 48.7%

How did we create this table based on gender differences?

We looked at the passing rates of the UK drivers test and analysed the percentages over a period of more than 10 years. All our data is sourced from official UK governmental sources.

Men are passing their driving tests at a higher rate than their female counterparts, with a pass rate of 50.6% in comparison to 46.6%, respectively.

Statistically speaking, this means that unfortunately, the majority of females taking their driving test this year can expect to fail.

Excluding the pandemic years of 2020/21, which saw a peak pass rate for both men and women, both genders performed the best in 2021/22, with 51% of men passing and 48.9% of women passing.

Where do Brits have the best odds of passing their driving test?

Ranking Top ten test centres for passing the driving test Chance of passing your practical driving test
1 Alnwick 74.3%
2 Lerwick 67.9%
3 Pembroke Dock 66.1%
4 Kendal (Oxenholme Road) 65.9%
5 Chichester 65.0%
6 Lee On The Solent 64.5%
7 Dundee 62.8%
8 Dorchester 62.7%
9 Bridlington 62.6%
10 Ipswich 62.3%
10 Melton Mowbray 62.3%

How did we identify the top 10 best driver test centres in the UK?

Our starting point was to see which centres have continuous high passing rates. Thus, we selected and filtered places that show off over 60% passing numbers.

The best UK driver test centres to pass easily?

Brits have the best odds of passing their practical driving test at Alnwick test centre, with an average of 3 in 4 test takers passing.

For those looking to take their test here, the test centre is located in Roxburgh House on Green Batt.

The next best odds are at Lerwick test centre, located in Isleburgh House, King Harald Street, and Pembroke Dock, located in the Royal Dockyard with over 3 in 5 test takers passing their tests at each location.

Where do Brits have the worst odds of passing their driving test?

Ranking Top ten test centres you have the worst chance of passing your practical driving test in Chance of passing your practical driving test based on the most recent pass rates
1 Speke (Liverpool) 27.4%
2 Erith (London) 31.1%
3 Crewe 34.5%
4 Wolverhampton 35.2%
5 Crawley 35.6%
6 Wednesbury 35.8%
7 Wanstead (London) 36.1%
7 Glasgow (Shieldhall) 36.1%
8 Greenford (Horsenden Lane) 36.5%
9 Belvedere 36.7%
10 Plymouth 37.9%

How did we find the worst centres to take your driver’s test in?

The same plan was applied here. We looked at places where the rates are consistently low over a period of several years. Our low limit was a 27% passing rate.

What we’ve learned

  1. Based on recent pass rates, Brits have the worst odds of passing their practical driving test at Speke test centre, located on Skyhawk Avenue, with just over 1 in 4 test takers passing.
  2. Less than 1 in 3 test takers will pass their driving test in Erith test centre, which is located at Crabtree, Manor Way North, making the test centre the second worst location for test takers hoping to pass.
  3. In third place is the Crewe test centre, located on Nile Street, where just over 1 in 3 test takers will pass their practical driving test.

Where should Brits take their practical driving test to have the best odds of passing?

Brits may be tempted to take their driving test in a different city from where they have been attending their driving lessons.

This may be due to long waiting times at their current centre or because of higher pass rates at different test centres.

How to raise your chances to pass the driving test?

Ultimately, to maximise their chances of passing, drivers should take their test in the same location where they have been undertaking their driving lessons in.

As it is an area which they are more familiar with, drivers will most likely have a greater understanding of the test route which will, in turn, help to improve confidence levels.