Which UK City Has the Highest Number of Wetherspoons?

UK Cities With the Highest Number of Wetherspoons

It is common knowledge that there is an abundance of Spoons up and down the UK which is our researchers at KingCasinoBonus.uk have crunched the numbers to uncover which UK city you have the highest odds of you running into a Spoons pub.

Which UK city has the least Wetherspoons per person?

Ranking City Population Wetherspoons Pubs per population
1 Nottingham 312,000 11 0.0035%
2 Leeds 503,000 13 0.0026%
3 Cardiff 351,000 8 0.0023%
4 Newcastle 282,000 6 0.0021%
5 Plymouth 241,000 5 0.0021%
6 Liverpool 579,000 12 0.0021%
7 Sheffield 544,000 10 0.0018%
8 Manchester 554,000 10 0.0018%
9 Bristol 572,000 10 0.0017%
10 Glasgow 612,000 10 0.0016%
11 Portsmouth 248,000 4 0.0016%
12 Southampton 269,000 4 0.0015%
13 Birmingham 11,500.00 17 0.0015%
14 London 90,000.00 126 0.0014%
15 Edinburgh 508,000 7 0.0014%
16 Brighton 242,000 3 0.0012%
17 Derby 264,000 3 0.0011%
18 Coventry 369,000 4 0.0011%
19 Hull 289,000 3 0.0010%
20 Reading 229,000 2 0.0009%
21 Northampton 230,000 1 0.0004%
22 Leicester 471,000 2 0.0004%
23 Stoke 277,000 1 0.0004%
24 Belfast 329,000 1 0.0003%
25 Bradford 361,000 1 0.0003%


The creation & the results of our Wetherspoon location study

Out of the 25 cities investigated, Belfast and Bradford came in joint last, having the least number of Spoons per person. Both cities have only one Spoons in the entire city and in comparison to other cities studied, making this a big reason why Belfast and Bradford have slipped into last place.

Wetherspoons, or colloquially ‘Spoons’, is a beloved British institution serving food and drinks with a cheap and cheerful price tag.

Our research

Researchers here at KingCasinoBonus.uk have set out to uncover which UK city has the highest number of Spoons compared to its locals by investigating 25 of the largest UK cities based on their population size.

The number of pubs in each city were then counted and cross-referenced with the estimated population of each location to rank each the cities in terms of which has the most Spoons per person.

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UK locations with many Spoons locations

Stoke, Leicester and Northampton are the following cities with the least number of Spoons per person.

That’s only four Spoons combined compared to a combined population size of approximately 928,000 people across the three UK cities.

Is London the leading place for Spoons?

You may think that London would top the charts being the UK’s bustling capital, particularly because they have a whopping total 126 Spoons – leaps ahead of any other UK city.

However, London ended up ranking 14th due to their huge population. To put this into perspective, you have double the chances of running into a Spoons in Nottingham than London – sorry Londoners!

For the love of Spoons

Spoons has a rich history as being a strong contender in British pub culture since its existence 40 years ago, and it continues to be going strong.

The first pub was purchased from an entrepreneur who converted it from a betting shop in the late 70s, initially naming it ‘Martin’s Free House’ before landing on the famous ‘Wetherspoons’

As of recent data, there are now 852 operating pubs; no far cry from their humble beginnings.

Do UK residents really like Spoons?

A recent survey shows that Spoons is eighth in the top UK dining brands and is liked by 56% of Brits. A huge 97% of Brits have heard of the brand itself, highlighting just how much Brits are devoted to the staple institution.

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